ALGEBRA – “Polymorph”

ALGEBRA – Polymorph (Self released 2012)


If you thought good old Thrash Metal was dead, ALGEBRA is here to prove you otherwise, just put on the album and ‘bang your way through the first track, the SLAYER infused ‘S.O.B.’ and indulge in the insane ‘Angel Of Death’ inspired riffs, pure intensity and frenetic moshing of these four youngans, giving new life to an old and reeking style of violence.

The Swiss band has recorded this, their debut full length and then put it in the hands of Andy Classen for the mixing and mastering duties, and damn a job both parts have done. Seldom has such sheer energy and intensity been caught so clean on tape, it almost feel like the energy outbursts from a concert, the energy and intensity hits right on.

It would be a lie to say that ALGEBRA does anything new on this record, they have taken what they like about Thrash, turned it upside down, tossed it around and assembled it as their own sound of the good old days, and then kicks some ass. The album is stuffed with killer riffs, dosed with heavy inspiration, killer vocal lines, shouted back-up choirs, hard hitting rhythms, pounding and varied drumming and a feel of something young and fresh, together with a technical approach that makes up for some great details.

With the right amount of luck ALGEBRA could be the next band to stir up the established world of Thrash Metal, as they have the talent, energy and song writing skills to slay, now they just need some exposure and a record or two more under the belt, of the same quality as “Polymorph”, this is damned good!