BLOOD HARVEST to release SERPENT ASCENDING’s “The Enigma Unsettled” 12″ Vinyl LP

With “The Enigma Unsettled” the Finnish occult Death Metal band SERPENT ASCENDING offers a supremely dark experiment in satanic and mesmerizing music conducted on a primitive Metal matter by Jarno Nurmi of SLUGATHOR, DESECRESY, and NERLICH fame. The album collects both the “Serpent Ascending” and “The Mournful Pilgrimage” recordings from 2009 and 2010 on one record, together with a brand new song.

“The Enigma Unsettled” vinyl LP comes in a luxurious full color gatefold format with an insert that includes lyrics and stunning paintings by sensational new American artist Wiley Trieff. Visit the Blood Harvest Records store to purchase “The Enigma Unsettled”.

Stream “The Enigma Unsettled” in its entirety at this location.

1. The Mournful Pilgrimage (Part 1)
2. Saturnal
3. The Human Ladders
4. The Mournful Pilgrimage (Part 2)
5. The Entwinement
6. World of Flesh On Bone
7. Serpent Ascending
8. The Enigma Unsettled
9. Endless Initiations

Coming from Helsinki, Finland, SERPENT ASCENDING is the dark projection of Jarno Nurmi, appreciated bass/guitar player and singer in bands like SLUGATHOR, DESECRESY, NERLICH, NIGHT MUST FALL, and NOWEN. Firmly rooted in the old school of Death Metal, but far from being another sterile revival of the late 80’s/early 90’s, SERPENT ASCENDING started a peculiar creative process that allocates Death Metal into an inner – yet still nightmarish – dimension of the soul, where cavernous growls lay down on nervous and slanted guitar riffs, vertiginous bass grooves, sudden bursts of speed, and swampy slowdowns.

Apparently simple and straight to the point, SERPENT ASCENDING’s music hides a remarkable work on subtle harmonies and flowing songwriting, with atmospheric nuances and intriguing details that crawl unseen into each song as well as in the listener’s subconscious, bringing forth a hallucinating, twisted and occult vibe. SERPENT ASCENDING is the feverish, solipsistic delirium of an artist that renovates the true spirit and typical dark heaviness of Finnish Death Metal in his own, personal way.