New CENTINEX song ‘When Bodies Are Deformed’ online

Swedish Death Metal unit CENTINEX will release a new comeback album entitled “Redeeming Filth” on the 21st of November in Europe and on the 9th of December in North America via Agonia Records. Returning after an almost eight-year hiatus, the band decided to revive the spirit that originally begun in 1990 and produced eight albums to date. The first song to be revealed off the upcoming “Redeeming Filth” – the opening track “When Bodies Are Deformed” – is now available for listening.

Recorded at Amplified Studios. Mixed & mastered at Garageland Studios by Ronnie Björnström (AEON).

01. When Bodies Are Deformed
02. Moist Purple Skin
03. Death Glance
04. Stone Of Choice
05. Unrestrained
06. Bloodraze
07. Without Motives
08. Rotting Below
09. Dead, Buried and Forgotten
10. Eye Sockets Empty

Alexander Högbom (OCTOBER TIDE TIDE, SPASMODIC) – vocals
Sverker Widgren (DEMONICAL, DIABOLICAL) – guitars
Martin Schulman (DEMONICAL) – bass
Kennet Englund (INTERMENT, CENTINEX 1999-2003) – drums


DEPOPULATE “Till Man Exists No More”

DEPOPULATE – Till Man Exists No More (self-financed)

16 minutes of Polish Death Metal terror is what the intro and five following tracks on this debut release from DEPOPULATE offer, brutal and straight forward, this release is straight to the point. Classic grinding Death Metal, a good mix of good old heavy English Grindcore deeds and more universal Death Metal, heavy and quite catching guitar riffing and some good screeching leads. The drumming is quite good, not that much fuzz, straight to the point blasting and cymbal crashing. And the deep guttural growl is effective and delivers the lyrics as a blow to the head. The bass muds a bit here and there and rumbles a bit too much at other times, as the procutions is quite driven in the low regions, which is both good and bad.

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MASACHIST: Sophomore Album Out Now & Streaming Via Stereokiller

“Scorned”, the searing second studio full-length from Polish Death Metal assassins MASACHIST, is out now worldwide via Selfmadegod Records.

A collective featuring the warmongering talents of Thrufel (ex-AZARATH, ex-YATTERING), Daray (DIMMU BORGIR, ex-VADER, VESANIA), Heinrich (VESANIA, ex-DECAPITATED, ex-UNSUN), Aro (SHADOWS LAND, TORQUEMADA) and Pig (ANAL STENCH, ex-DECAPITATED), MASACHIST will infiltrate the diehards of the extreme metal world with this new album. Recorded at Monroe Sound Studio (VESANIA, DISLOYAL, SHADOWS LAND, MANSLAUGHTER) and mixed by guitarist Aro, “Scorned” torches anything in earshot with forty minutes of crushing, mangled Death Metal over nine anthems of revulsion.

Stream “Scorned” in its bloody entirety via Stereokiller at this location.