New EXODUS track ‘Salt The Wound’ featuring Kirk Hammet online

You read right, original EXODUS guitarist Kirk Hammet has returned home, at least for a track, check it out below. The Bay Area thrashers new album “Blood In Blood Out” is released by Nuclear Blast on October 10th in Europe, it marks the return of Steve “Zetro” Sousa who marked himself on the ’87 release “Pleasures Of The Flesh” and few releases onwards with EXODUS. Nothing beats “Bonded By Blood” and former frontman Paul Baloff (RIP) in my book, though Sousa is second in line, and this track doesn’t sound all bad, and the last release he participated on, “Tempo Of The Damned” from ’04 was decent!


CARCASS – ‘Captive Bolt Pistol’

There is a new CARCASS album in the tube to be unleashed, it is entitled ‘Surgical Steel’ and to be released by Nuclear Blast, quite soon hopefully. The first track from the release has seen the light of day, it has been taken from a Party San Metal Open Air sampler released in Germany, together with a magazine, and not a leak as the story first told.

The track is ‘Captive Bolt Pistol’ and sports a quite energetic and brutal side of CARCASS with all the classic melodic guitar runs from back in the days, and no signs of the rock n’ roll that painted “Swansong” this is more back to the time around “Necrotism” and “Heartwork”, the latter being my favorite CARCASS album, I like!

Take a listen yourself!