NECROT “Necrot”

NECROT – Necrot [Extremely Rotten Records 2012]


I really like the wave of rotten and dirty Death Metal that have started to flow over the barren lands lately, or well the last few years really. NECROT is one of the newer entities in this pool of decomposition. They started their venture of Death in 2011 and has already two demos under their belt. This first one that I am writing about now, and the newer “Into The Labyrinth” which also is worth a listen or 9.

Right now the band consist of three, though when “Necrot” was recorded they were only two, Chad Gailey on drums from a couple of bands that I don’t know yet, and Luca Indrio who handles bass, guitars and vocals, who we know from a couple of bands that have made quite some noise the last few years, ACEPHALIX and VASTUM. Since then Sonny Reinhardt has stepped in and has taken over some of the guitar duties.

As guessed, NECROT is delivering a heavy dose of downtuned midpaced raw Death Metal. The atmosphere is dark and raw, straight to the point and very drawing, it is hard not to be caught in the swirling dark madness from the band, it is all done in primitive ways. Good base riffs, a guttural and quite pronounced growl, like in the good old Swedish days, pounding drumming to the point and a nice rumbling raw bass and overall production. A trip down memory lane, without it being outdated nor dusty.

If you’re into the above described kind of Death Metal this demo and the new one from these guys are must haves, the new demo “Into The Labyrinths” should soon be released by Extremely Rotten Records. And follow NECROT closely, only good things should be able to develop from these early signs of brutality.