New EXODUS track ‘Salt The Wound’ featuring Kirk Hammet online

You read right, original EXODUS guitarist Kirk Hammet has returned home, at least for a track, check it out below. The Bay Area thrashers new album “Blood In Blood Out” is released by Nuclear Blast on October 10th in Europe, it marks the return of Steve “Zetro” Sousa who marked himself on the ’87 release “Pleasures Of The Flesh” and few releases onwards with EXODUS. Nothing beats “Bonded By Blood” and former frontman Paul Baloff (RIP) in my book, though Sousa is second in line, and this track doesn’t sound all bad, and the last release he participated on, “Tempo Of The Damned” from ’04 was decent!


POTENTIAL THREAT, bringing back that old school Bay Area feel

Do you miss the good old feel of TESTAMENT and the hooking riffing of vintage METALLICA? I do, and that’s where bands as POTENTIAL THREAT steps in. They’ve been around since ’86, released one full length, is ready with the second, and not many outside the Bay Area know their name or game. Though this is what the Bay Area scene would have sounded like today, if time had stood still the last 20 years, damned, why didn’t time stand still!?!

Check out their new album over at