SACROCURSE “Unholier Master”

It is always great to stumble across new music that gives you a solid kick in the arse… such an acquaintance is Mexican brutalist’s SACROCURSE. A lesson in violence in various forms with brutal and ripping Death Metal, did anyone say early DEICIDE combined with even more brutality, evil and a good dose of raw Black Metal. Check the guys out at their Bandcamp site where their album is streaming, released by Hell’s Headbangers Records and on vinyl by Iron Bonehead Productions, it is recommended from here!





Great news straight from the altar of Gene Palubicki! PERDITION TEMPLE is working on a new album, the follow up to “Edict Of The Antichrist Elect”, which are slated to be released on Hell’s Headbangers Records.

Gene has assembled a deadly force consisting of guitarist Bill Taylor (ex-ANGEL CORPSE), drummer Ronnie Parmer (CATALYSIS), bassist Gabriel Gozainy and vocalist Impurath (BLACK WITCHERY). I am looking forward to the onslaught from this squadron from beyond!


DEATHHAMMER “Onward To The Pits” soon to be unleashed

Forget trendy “party thrash” – DEATHHAMMER are here to annihilate posers with their highly anticipated second album, “Onward To The Pits.” A cult name in the underground, the Norwegian duo of DEATHHAMMER skillfully honor the ancient masters with a blackened thrash attack replete divebombing leads and piercing screams and wails from the abyss. With dark and dynamic songwriting that memorably moves between blitzing surge and locomotive pulse, DEATHHAMMER will take you “Onward To The Pits”! Recommended for diehards of early SODOM, early KREATOR, VULCANO, and SABBAT (Japan). To be released April 24th.

1. Deathrashing Sacrifice
2. Voodoo Rites
3. Fullmoon Sorcery
4. Emperor Of Sin
5. To The Evil
6. Final Black Mass
7. Army Of Death
8. Seduced By The Flames
9. Lead Us Into Hell
10.Onward To The Pits