SACROCURSE “Unholier Master”

It is always great to stumble across new music that gives you a solid kick in the arse… such an acquaintance is Mexican brutalist’s SACROCURSE. A lesson in violence in various forms with brutal and ripping Death Metal, did anyone say early DEICIDE combined with even more brutality, evil and a good dose of raw Black Metal. Check the guys out at their Bandcamp site where their album is streaming, released by Hell’s Headbangers Records and on vinyl by Iron Bonehead Productions, it is recommended from here!



DEMONICAL ‘An Endless Celebration’ video online

The Swedish death metal force DEMONICAL have released a video for ‘An Endless Celebration’, a track taken from their critically acclaimed fourth full-length album “Darkness Unbound” which came out in Europe on September 20th (through Cyclone Empire) and in North America on November 12th (through Metal Blade Records).

The video – their second from the above mentioned album – was filmed in Bucharest, Romania, during the bands Darkness Unbound European tour which took place in October 2013.
The album “Darkness Unbound” was mixed & mastered by the bands vocalist Sverker Widgren at Wing Studios in Stockholm.

Check out ‘An Endless Celebration’ here:

HAEMORRHAGE “Live Carnage: Feasting On Maryland”

The Spanish madmen from HAEMORRHAGE made chaos and havoc during the Maryland Deathfest in 2012, that show was perpetuated on tape, and late last year released by the American label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Check out “Live Carnage: Feasting On Maryland”, the intense recording of the hellish, gig here, though beware that you instantly will regret you weren’t around, and have to settle with this headcrushing live release, which actually takes you right back in pit!


ANGIST “Circle Of Suffering”

ANGIST “Circle Of Suffering” [self-released] 2011


This is a release that has been out in the sun for a couple of years, though as the band has signed the dotted line with Abyss Records and soon should be ready with their first full length release, a little noise before that could be useful. That is quite alright, as I seem to have overlooked the release of “Circle Of Suffering” back in 2011, which is quite a shame as the five tracks on the release are to my liking. The band hails from Iceland and delivers Death Metal like we expected it to sound in the good old days, to simplify it; we could say ANGIST is a good mix of INCANTATION and DISSECTION, which could sound like a strange mix, if not done right. Though the two girls and two guys are doing it alright!

We have the crushing darkness and world-consuming heavy atmosphere from INCANTATION, and sometimes even the same thundering mid-paced crushing, both drum- and guitarwise, and Edda the growler, do once in a while sound like Craig Pillard, though never as guttural and outright evil, I don’t think anyone ever will reach his standards, though she does also here and there resemble Jon Nödtveidt.

Read the rest of the review at Voices From The Darkside

CENTINEX returns

“This is good fucking news!!!”

The legendary Swedish death metal band CENTINEX have reformed after a nearly 8-year long hiatus. Led by founding member Martin Schulman, CENTINEX are currently working on a new album and have also announced a “comeback” show at the Kill Town Death Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark, on September 4th-7th 2014.

“After a few years in the making it is now time for the rebirth of CENTINEX. Without interfering or affecting any of the other musical tasks we all have individually and collectively, we can’t put aside the fact that a new CENTINEX album is something we want to do and something that has to be done. Picking up the spirit from the bands 1992 debut album and by doing a deadly travel from Stockholm to Florida around the same period – including a digression to the Ruhr area a few years earlier – we have our path and direction ready to be explored”.
– Martin Schulman (bassist, founding member and main songwriter)

CENTINEX line-up 2014:

Alexander Högbom (OCTOBER TIDE, SPASMODIC) – vocals
Sverker Widgren (DEMONICAL, DIABOLICAL) – guitars
Martin Schulman (DEMONICAL, founding member of CENTINEX) – bass
Kennet Englund – (INTERMENT, CENTINEX 1999-2003) – drums


The new album will be recorded during the spring 2014 for a late summer release through an as-yet-undetermined label.

More news to follow, keep yourself updated through:


The Italian label Natura Morta Edizioni have just re-released MORTIFIER’s ’96 MCD “Darkness My Eternal Bride” together with unreleased material from 1998-1999. On another note the label also released the two demos of Italian Death Metallers KRASHING last year, check out “Disinterment 1987-1993” for a good unhealthy dose of Death Metal!