CRAVEN IDOL to release “Towards Eschaton” October 15th on Dark Descent Records

UK-based coven CRAVEN IDOL will unleash their debut full-length, “Towards Eschaton”, on October 15th through Dark Descent Records. The album will be made available on digital, CD and vinyl formats.

Exploring the depths of the subterranean caverns in which they dwell, CRAVEN IDOL have reached beyond their blackened Thrash roots by incorporating elements of Doom, traditional Heavy Metal and classic Death. The result is eight incantations of extreme Metal as it was known in the days before the subgenre pigeonholing and trend-fucking allegiance to scenes.

“Towards Eschaton”, which features artwork by Paolo Girardi, represents the culmination of CRAVEN IDOL’s dark visions to date. A coalescing of the band’s new and older material results in a mercurial assault, but one whose constituent parts each read from the same bloodied hymn sheet. Thematically the album deals primarily with the rotten fabric of religion and the depraved notions birthed upon its gilded altars. Musically the record owes fealty to the maligned era in which Black and Death Metal juddered into unlife, born dead in cemeteries haunted by relentless riffs and the screams of the hellbound. The beasts of BATHORY, POSSESSED, VENOM, ABSU, CANDLEMASS, SARCOFAGO, BELIAL, MANILA ROAD, GOSPEL OF THE HORN, MERCYFUL FATE, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, INQUISITION, SAMAEL and AUTOPSY have all left their mark on “Towards Eschaton”.

Album track ‘To Summon Mayrion’ is currently streaming at this location.


Spawned in the pits of London, CRAVEN IDOL creates ritual offerings in the earliest traditions of Black and Thrash Metal. In 2006 a self-released demo tape materialized, and its original fifty incarnations were quickly devoured. Starlight Temple Society then fanned this early flame with a tape re-release. 2010 saw the release of the “Ethereal Altars” EP on MCD and vinyl via Vengeful Attakk / Hammer of Hate. In early 2013 CRAVEN IDOL signed with Dark Descent Records for the release of their debut album, “Towards Eschaton”, on CD and vinyl. CRAVEN IDOL features members of SCYTHIAN, SEPULCHRAL TEMPLE, SOLSTICE and DECEPTOR. For the recording of “Towards Eschaton”, CRAVEN IDOL enlisted the percussive skills of Polish Metal veteran Volgard.


ANTROPOFAGUS ‘Sanguinis Bestiae Solium’ music video

Italian Death Metal blasters ANTROPOFAGUS unveil their first ever official music video for the song ‘Sanguinis Bestiae Solium’ from their 2012 Comatose Music release “Architecture of Lust”.

The video was directed by Davide Cilloni and filmed on location at a deconsecrated church in Balestrino (SV, Italy).

Decibel Posts New Track From MAVETH Debut, “Coils of the Black Earth” has posted an exclusive premier of the song ‘Hymn to Azael’, off the debut from Finnish blackened Death horde MAVETH, “Coils of the Black Earth”.

To check out ‘Hymn to Azael’ visit this location.

The hellish blend of brutality and blasphemy that is “Coils of the Black Earth” will be available on CD and double-LP (black & grey splatter) on December 15th through Dark Descent Records.

1. The Devourer Within the Gulf
2. Dragon of the Continuum
3. Hymn to Azael
4. Beneath the Sovereignty of Al-Ghul
5. Hymn to the Black Matron
6. Stating Erictho
7. Coils of the Black Earth
8. To Seed the Succubi
9. Terminus I – The Burning Offal of Hinnom
10.Terminus II – Hinnom Everlasting

Formed in 2007, Finland’s MAVETH finally break through with their debut full-length. Showing their strength through live shows and their two releases (2010’s EP “Of Serpent and Shadow” and 2011’s demo “Impious Servant”), MAVETH gave us a glimpse of their suffocating and brutal style. Now MAVETH is here to fully showcase their brand of utter domination in the form of “Coils of the Black Earth”. Almost one hour in length, “Coils…” is a haunting release both sonically and aesthetically featuring artwork by the infamous Daniel Desecrator. Prepare for annihilation.

ChristButcher – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Jani Nupponen – Bass
Mikko Karvinen – Guitar
Ville Markkanen – Drums

PAROXSIHZEM Debut Out Now on Dark Descent Records

The self-titled debut from Toronto-based Blackened Death Metal four-piece PAROXSIHZEM is now available through Dark Descent Records.

Formed in 2007, PAROXSIHZEM puts forth a harsh, dark, demented, and atmospheric form of Black/Death metal. Their debut CD offers production that gives a very suffocating and nauseating feeling to their music which is only appropriate for the type of themes and inspiration used. There is no specific area of interest as history, philosophy, psychology and suicide are all touched upon as inspirational elements. The relation between all these is to reach the darkest, non-fictional embodiment of humanity, no spiritual, fictional or delusional inspirations used, only tangible events that convey a much more brutal and contorted view of humanity allowing for a closer association to the reality of existence. Each song in and of itself is unique, ranging from doomy and atmospheric, to chaotic and hateful, this is to help convey the insanity within humanity by utilizing a variety of powerful elements within the music. Mixed/Mastered by V.K.

“…those who enjoy bizarre Canadian Black Metal should keep an eye on this band.”

“It’s dense, destructive, mangling mayhem, a blackened death metal juggernaut that effectively evokes a doomed, apocalyptic atmosphere.”
– No Clean Singing


BLOOD HARVEST to release SERPENT ASCENDING’s “The Enigma Unsettled” 12″ Vinyl LP

With “The Enigma Unsettled” the Finnish occult Death Metal band SERPENT ASCENDING offers a supremely dark experiment in satanic and mesmerizing music conducted on a primitive Metal matter by Jarno Nurmi of SLUGATHOR, DESECRESY, and NERLICH fame. The album collects both the “Serpent Ascending” and “The Mournful Pilgrimage” recordings from 2009 and 2010 on one record, together with a brand new song.

“The Enigma Unsettled” vinyl LP comes in a luxurious full color gatefold format with an insert that includes lyrics and stunning paintings by sensational new American artist Wiley Trieff. Visit the Blood Harvest Records store to purchase “The Enigma Unsettled”.

Stream “The Enigma Unsettled” in its entirety at this location.

1. The Mournful Pilgrimage (Part 1)
2. Saturnal
3. The Human Ladders
4. The Mournful Pilgrimage (Part 2)
5. The Entwinement
6. World of Flesh On Bone
7. Serpent Ascending
8. The Enigma Unsettled
9. Endless Initiations

Coming from Helsinki, Finland, SERPENT ASCENDING is the dark projection of Jarno Nurmi, appreciated bass/guitar player and singer in bands like SLUGATHOR, DESECRESY, NERLICH, NIGHT MUST FALL, and NOWEN. Firmly rooted in the old school of Death Metal, but far from being another sterile revival of the late 80’s/early 90’s, SERPENT ASCENDING started a peculiar creative process that allocates Death Metal into an inner – yet still nightmarish – dimension of the soul, where cavernous growls lay down on nervous and slanted guitar riffs, vertiginous bass grooves, sudden bursts of speed, and swampy slowdowns.

Apparently simple and straight to the point, SERPENT ASCENDING’s music hides a remarkable work on subtle harmonies and flowing songwriting, with atmospheric nuances and intriguing details that crawl unseen into each song as well as in the listener’s subconscious, bringing forth a hallucinating, twisted and occult vibe. SERPENT ASCENDING is the feverish, solipsistic delirium of an artist that renovates the true spirit and typical dark heaviness of Finnish Death Metal in his own, personal way.


The album was originally released on CD by Stygian Shadows Productions in 2010. Now two years later BLOOD HARVEST has the honor of unleashing this recording on a one-sided 12″ vinyl MLP, limited to 300 copies. The MLP has been released in collaboration with another Swedish label, Temple of Abomination, which previously released, among others, the 7″ vinyl EP of WRATHPRAYER’s 2009 demo, “In Utter Darkness”.

“Sign of Moloch” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dávid Fehér at Noise Lab Studio, April 3-4, 2010, in Szeged, Hungary. TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA’s first full length record, “Horns in the Dark”, is set to be released on 12″ vinyl through BLOOD HARVEST
in 2013. “Sign of Moloch” is available via the Blood Harvest Records store.

The album is streaming in its entirety at this location.

1. The Sign of Moloch
2. Lords of Catharsis
3. The Born of Hatred
4. Whip of Lucifer
5. Tyrant Goatgaldrakona

Formed in Szeged, Hungary in 2009, TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA rose from the abyss to create dark and brooding Death Metal. Consisting only of two members, Hellfire Commander of Eternal War and Pain (drums/vocals), and Grave Desecration and Necrosodomy (guitars/bass), the band manages to produce a sound that pummels and crushes anything in its path. Both members are active in various other Death, Thrash, and Black Metal acts such as MÖRBID CARNAGE, NECROSODOMY, AHRIMAN, FAGYHAMU, HEXENWOOD etc. The band has just finished their first full length record, “Horns in the Dark”, to be released on BLOOD HARVEST on 12″ vinyl in 2013. Worth checking out for fans of CEMETERY URN or FUNEBRARUM as well as VASAELETH, MEFITIC, PSEUDOGOD and the likes.

DEHUMANIZED To Release “Controlled Elite” on 11/27 Via Comatose Music

New York vets DEHUMANIZED have set November 27th as the release date for their long-awaited return to action, “Controlled Elite”.

After reforming last year, DEHUMANIZED inked a multi-album contract with Comatose Music and have since been bulldozing their way back onto the US Death Metal scene.

Pre-orders for “Controlled Elite” are now being taken at

The history of DEHUMANIZED dates back to the mid-90s, an era that saw the rise of several legendary New York Death Metal acts, not the least of which included SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, and PYREXIA. In 1998 DEHUMANIZED released their debut album “Prophecies Foretold”. The album was a savage crash course into the classic style of New York slam Death Metal. As a result of this impressive release they are now considered by many as one of the bands who helped define and shape the undeniable sound and feel of New York Death Metal. “Controlled Elite” was recorded at Full Force Studio in Long Island, NY and engineered by Joe Cincotta.

1. Bloodties
2. Body Colonizers
3. Soiled
4. Set in Stone
5. Controlled Elite
6. Immorally Reborn
7. His Burden
8. Root of Evil
9. None Shall Remain
10. Man vs. Man
11. Condemned (bonus track)