SACROCURSE “Unholier Master”

It is always great to stumble across new music that gives you a solid kick in the arse… such an acquaintance is Mexican brutalist’s SACROCURSE. A lesson in violence in various forms with brutal and ripping Death Metal, did anyone say early DEICIDE combined with even more brutality, evil and a good dose of raw Black Metal. Check the guys out at their Bandcamp site where their album is streaming, released by Hell’s Headbangers Records and on vinyl by Iron Bonehead Productions, it is recommended from here!




The Italian label Natura Morta Edizioni have just re-released MORTIFIER’s ’96 MCD “Darkness My Eternal Bride” together with unreleased material from 1998-1999. On another note the label also released the two demos of Italian Death Metallers KRASHING last year, check out “Disinterment 1987-1993” for a good unhealthy dose of Death Metal!



Great news straight from the altar of Gene Palubicki! PERDITION TEMPLE is working on a new album, the follow up to “Edict Of The Antichrist Elect”, which are slated to be released on Hell’s Headbangers Records.

Gene has assembled a deadly force consisting of guitarist Bill Taylor (ex-ANGEL CORPSE), drummer Ronnie Parmer (CATALYSIS), bassist Gabriel Gozainy and vocalist Impurath (BLACK WITCHERY). I am looking forward to the onslaught from this squadron from beyond!


PAROXSIHZEM Debut Out Now on Dark Descent Records

The self-titled debut from Toronto-based Blackened Death Metal four-piece PAROXSIHZEM is now available through Dark Descent Records.

Formed in 2007, PAROXSIHZEM puts forth a harsh, dark, demented, and atmospheric form of Black/Death metal. Their debut CD offers production that gives a very suffocating and nauseating feeling to their music which is only appropriate for the type of themes and inspiration used. There is no specific area of interest as history, philosophy, psychology and suicide are all touched upon as inspirational elements. The relation between all these is to reach the darkest, non-fictional embodiment of humanity, no spiritual, fictional or delusional inspirations used, only tangible events that convey a much more brutal and contorted view of humanity allowing for a closer association to the reality of existence. Each song in and of itself is unique, ranging from doomy and atmospheric, to chaotic and hateful, this is to help convey the insanity within humanity by utilizing a variety of powerful elements within the music. Mixed/Mastered by V.K.

“…those who enjoy bizarre Canadian Black Metal should keep an eye on this band.”

“It’s dense, destructive, mangling mayhem, a blackened death metal juggernaut that effectively evokes a doomed, apocalyptic atmosphere.”
– No Clean Singing


PRIMIGENIUM “Faith Through Anguish”

PRIMIGENIUM – Faith Through Anguish (BlackSeed Productions)

Spanish Black Metal has always been a funny size, not that many bands making a lot of noise, though a good deal trying to. The ones getting through the loop at the labels and getting released have usually been mediocre copies of Scandinavian styled furious and melodic Black Metal, where the dirty and mean, with a touch of their own, underground never really have risen. PRIMIGENIUM has some of their own, they’ve been around since 1994 and have had time to built their own identity and on ”Faith Through Anguish” they’re delivering some good and solid Metal with a good atmosphere and feel. The riffing is dark with a good melodic touch that drives the music forward and captures the listener. The rhythm section is quite effective, blasting one moment in a furious chaos, to calm down the next to create a dooming dawn. PRIMIGENIUM is playing really well on the atmospheric part of the release and showcases some great and working songwriting.

Read the rest of the review at Voices From The Darkside


The album was originally released on CD by Stygian Shadows Productions in 2010. Now two years later BLOOD HARVEST has the honor of unleashing this recording on a one-sided 12″ vinyl MLP, limited to 300 copies. The MLP has been released in collaboration with another Swedish label, Temple of Abomination, which previously released, among others, the 7″ vinyl EP of WRATHPRAYER’s 2009 demo, “In Utter Darkness”.

“Sign of Moloch” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dávid Fehér at Noise Lab Studio, April 3-4, 2010, in Szeged, Hungary. TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA’s first full length record, “Horns in the Dark”, is set to be released on 12″ vinyl through BLOOD HARVEST
in 2013. “Sign of Moloch” is available via the Blood Harvest Records store.

The album is streaming in its entirety at this location.

1. The Sign of Moloch
2. Lords of Catharsis
3. The Born of Hatred
4. Whip of Lucifer
5. Tyrant Goatgaldrakona

Formed in Szeged, Hungary in 2009, TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA rose from the abyss to create dark and brooding Death Metal. Consisting only of two members, Hellfire Commander of Eternal War and Pain (drums/vocals), and Grave Desecration and Necrosodomy (guitars/bass), the band manages to produce a sound that pummels and crushes anything in its path. Both members are active in various other Death, Thrash, and Black Metal acts such as MÖRBID CARNAGE, NECROSODOMY, AHRIMAN, FAGYHAMU, HEXENWOOD etc. The band has just finished their first full length record, “Horns in the Dark”, to be released on BLOOD HARVEST on 12″ vinyl in 2013. Worth checking out for fans of CEMETERY URN or FUNEBRARUM as well as VASAELETH, MEFITIC, PSEUDOGOD and the likes.

FESTER getting ready to write new material

The Norwegian Black Metal metal force FESTER has announced the following update today:

The intriguing and mesmerizing thoughts of man’s evil thoughts and doing…

The next FESTER album will be a concept album that surrounds around the theme “Norwegian executions in the 17th century”. We can promise you a journey of atmospheric, eerie and dark metal, fabulous artwork, excellent written stories and lyrics of men playing with thoughts (..), all wrapped like you’ve never seen before…

We are ready to hold hands with the dark, are you?

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