Dark is the season – all life is continued at Nocturnal Horde

As we are nearing fall, if not tilting into it full speed head first, as it is happening here in Denmark, where the HQ of Nocturnal Horde is residing, and by fall life fades away to die during winter, heading into spring giving new life to flower in full during summer. Here it is a bit different, as Nocturnal Horde just got a bit of new life, it’s been in limbo the last few years due to a lot of different matters, though now the site has gotten a little overhaul and has been merged with Fangs Of Necrodivine Harmony, where I’ve been making very little noise for a time.

Nocturnal Horde – Fangs Of Necrodivine Harmony will continue in the vein of the last, only featuring music that is to my liking, alas a fanzine for the bands and labels I think deserves some noise at the given time, old as new. We’ll feature news, music, reviews (still critical as always), praise, interviews, features and the occasional rant from me.

I have been writing about music online and on print since 1999, and I will continue, perhaps not always as staple and fast as back in the days, though I’ll never stop making noise!

So head over to www.nocturnalhorde.com and make some noise!


New EXODUS track ‘Salt The Wound’ featuring Kirk Hammet online

You read right, original EXODUS guitarist Kirk Hammet has returned home, at least for a track, check it out below. The Bay Area thrashers new album “Blood In Blood Out” is released by Nuclear Blast on October 10th in Europe, it marks the return of Steve “Zetro” Sousa who marked himself on the ’87 release “Pleasures Of The Flesh” and few releases onwards with EXODUS. Nothing beats “Bonded By Blood” and former frontman Paul Baloff (RIP) in my book, though Sousa is second in line, and this track doesn’t sound all bad, and the last release he participated on, “Tempo Of The Damned” from ’04 was decent!

MERCILESS TERROR to release “Vile Extinction” October 7th on Devil’s Clause Records

The album comes on the heels of last year’s self-released EP, “Eternal Decay”, and sees the band overcome a series of obstacles in the form of lineup changes. Earlier this year, Michael Brush (ex-HELLBASTARD) stepped in to take over drum duties and original guitarist David Siddons took his leave and was recently replaced by shredder Luke Tasker. Frontman Dale Linsdell commented, “‘It has been tough this past year, with new line up changes/touring and recording the album itself, we are glad to finally unleash it upon the world. This will be 11 tracks of pure terror”

“Vile Extinction” was recorded at Stuck on a Name Studios by co-producer Ian Boult and was mixed and mastered by Neil Williams at Abysmal Audio. The album artwork was handled by legendary artist Jon Zig and the bands logo was revamped by local artist Gary Ronaldson of Bite Radius Designs.,


Death/Thrash Aggressors Hail from Nottingham, UK. Formed in April 2009, the band takes influence from the likes of: SLAYER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, Early SEPULTURA & BOLT THROWER. Creating a powerful blend of Crushing Death Metal with a delivery of relentless Thrash Metal battery!

In 2011 the critically acclaimed debut EP “Perpetual Devastation” was released onto the world mastered by James Murphy. Since its release the quartet have undergone several line-up changes, to finally form a solid and ferocious unit. MERCILESS TERROR are an unstoppable force that have already laid waste to audiences Internationally from UK/IRE & Europe to the likes of Scandinavia, and even Japan. The band have recently recorded their new full-length album “Vile Extinction” which will be released August 2013 worldwide via Devils Clause Records! The Reign of Terror has just begun…



Unspeakable Axe Records Reissue of BESIEGED’s “Victims Beyond All Help” out now

The Unspeakable Axe Records reissue of “Victims Beyond All Help” from Winnipeg, Manitoba Thrashers BESIEGED is now available worldwide.

BESIEGED have been terrorizing music listeners in their hometown of Winnipeg for some time, putting out a demo “Visions Of Pain” in 2004 and then releasing their debut in 2010. Their sound is lightning-fast death-tinged Thrash Metal, indebted to the old gods of the scene while also bringing in new influences and ideas. No jokey lyrics, no phony retro affectations, just pure bludgeoning for fans of SEPULTURA’s “Beneath The Remains”, SLAYER’s “Reign In Blood”, DARK ANGEL’s “Darkness Descends”, and other uncompromising, furious albums that pushed the genre to its limits. “Victims Beyond All Help” was self-released by the band in 2010 and limited to just 300 copies on pro CD-R; now it will be officially reissued with an upgraded layout. This reissue will use the same completely old school artwork painted by the legendary Ed Repka. This is the second release by Unspeakable Axe, the new sub-label of Dark Descent Records.

Preview and download Victims Beyond All Help now at this location.


POTENTIAL THREAT, bringing back that old school Bay Area feel

Do you miss the good old feel of TESTAMENT and the hooking riffing of vintage METALLICA? I do, and that’s where bands as POTENTIAL THREAT steps in. They’ve been around since ’86, released one full length, is ready with the second, and not many outside the Bay Area know their name or game. Though this is what the Bay Area scene would have sounded like today, if time had stood still the last 20 years, damned, why didn’t time stand still!?!

Check out their new album over at Puregrainaudio.com