ANGIST “Circle Of Suffering”

ANGIST “Circle Of Suffering” [self-released] 2011


This is a release that has been out in the sun for a couple of years, though as the band has signed the dotted line with Abyss Records and soon should be ready with their first full length release, a little noise before that could be useful. That is quite alright, as I seem to have overlooked the release of “Circle Of Suffering” back in 2011, which is quite a shame as the five tracks on the release are to my liking. The band hails from Iceland and delivers Death Metal like we expected it to sound in the good old days, to simplify it; we could say ANGIST is a good mix of INCANTATION and DISSECTION, which could sound like a strange mix, if not done right. Though the two girls and two guys are doing it alright!

We have the crushing darkness and world-consuming heavy atmosphere from INCANTATION, and sometimes even the same thundering mid-paced crushing, both drum- and guitarwise, and Edda the growler, do once in a while sound like Craig Pillard, though never as guttural and outright evil, I don’t think anyone ever will reach his standards, though she does also here and there resemble Jon Nödtveidt.

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PRIMIGENIUM “Faith Through Anguish”

PRIMIGENIUM – Faith Through Anguish (BlackSeed Productions)

Spanish Black Metal has always been a funny size, not that many bands making a lot of noise, though a good deal trying to. The ones getting through the loop at the labels and getting released have usually been mediocre copies of Scandinavian styled furious and melodic Black Metal, where the dirty and mean, with a touch of their own, underground never really have risen. PRIMIGENIUM has some of their own, they’ve been around since 1994 and have had time to built their own identity and on ”Faith Through Anguish” they’re delivering some good and solid Metal with a good atmosphere and feel. The riffing is dark with a good melodic touch that drives the music forward and captures the listener. The rhythm section is quite effective, blasting one moment in a furious chaos, to calm down the next to create a dooming dawn. PRIMIGENIUM is playing really well on the atmospheric part of the release and showcases some great and working songwriting.

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DEPOPULATE “Till Man Exists No More”

DEPOPULATE – Till Man Exists No More (self-financed)

16 minutes of Polish Death Metal terror is what the intro and five following tracks on this debut release from DEPOPULATE offer, brutal and straight forward, this release is straight to the point. Classic grinding Death Metal, a good mix of good old heavy English Grindcore deeds and more universal Death Metal, heavy and quite catching guitar riffing and some good screeching leads. The drumming is quite good, not that much fuzz, straight to the point blasting and cymbal crashing. And the deep guttural growl is effective and delivers the lyrics as a blow to the head. The bass muds a bit here and there and rumbles a bit too much at other times, as the procutions is quite driven in the low regions, which is both good and bad.

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CORROSIVE CARCASS “Composition Of Flesh”

CORROSIVE CARCASS – Composition Of Flesh – (Abyss Records 2012)

Swedish Death Metal continues its roll and the new breed of bands continues their conquering of the world. I first encountered CORROSIVE CARCASS back in 2010 when they released their demo “Rot.In.Pieces”, a demo that I was hugely impressed by and gave a nice review over at Nocturnal Horde. I actually believed they would get a debut full length album ready sooner than this, though they did use 6 years to make their demo, so I reckon 2 years are rather fast in the terms of CORROSIVE CARCASS, even though 7 of the 13 tracks on “Composition Of Flesh” are reworked and re-recorded tracks from the demo.

This is classic Swedish Death Metal of the grimmest and brutal kind, you are getting turned upside down, thrown around and ripped open during the 40+ minutes the album runs.

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FATHER BEFOULED “Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace”

FATHER BEFOULED – Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace (Dark Descent Records)

Sometimes music is just plain scary, the dense and dark atmosphere some bands are able to create drags you in, turns you upside down and leaves you on the floor bleeding out of the ears. There are some time between bands and albums with such an impact, which makes the impact even more extreme, when such music is being hammered out of the speakers.

FATHER BEFOULED is such a band, or at least their new opus “Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace” is, a demolition hammer of dark extreme pounding Death Metal of the ugliest kind. Low and muddy guitar riffs ripping old wounds open, hammering their way through the netherworld, creating soundtracks for the demented, paving the road for the rest of the insanity.

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STRANGE FACTS IN THE SCALPEL CASE – Unearthed (Self released)

CARCASS haven’t lived in vain, they have inspired heaps of bands that again have inspired countless bands again… and the tale of the wicked continues. This Belgian horde STRANGE FACTS IN THE SCALPEL CASE can be traced back to the masters of horror and gore, though have incorporated other healthy aspects into their blood dripping and ghastly Death Metal.

The mini album is dark and wicked, and doesn’t catch on at first, at least not for me, though after a good deal of listens the darkness prevails and the music becomes interesting, as the band does play on many facets. It is not the most original songwriting ever made, there are multiple traces back to old giants within Death Metal of horror and gore and a tad of melodic and cold Black Metal riffing here and there.

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SPECKMANN PROJECT “Speckmann Project”

SPECKMANN PROJECT – Speckmann Project (AreaDeath Productions)

MASTER first made an album with the line-up consisting of Speckmann, Bill Schmidt and Chris Mittleburn, the mix for that recording got turned down by Nuclear Blast head honcho Staiger, Speckmann re-recorded the album with Jim Martinelli and Aaron Nickeas, and again the mix got rejected by the label. Then producer Scott Burns remixed the first recording of “Master” and that was what Nuclear Blast then released. Later on the new recording with Martinelli and Nickeas was released as “Speckmann Project” and that release is now being re-issued by the ressurector of olden Death and Thrash Metal AreaDeath Productions.

More Death Metal history released for the sake of the hungry masses or a mean for a quick buck? Considering how many old school Death Metal maniacs there is around, I don’t think there is a quick buck to be found within the genre, only die hards will pick this up, to celebrate what once were, as such as this isn’t being made anymore, at least not up to these standards.

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