CORROSIVE CARCASS – Rot.In.Pieces (Demo 2010)

The new wave of Swedish Death Metal keeps on rolling and that might taint the picture of reviewed releases here in a little while, at least if the releases keep on coming in as lately and if they keep the quality! CORROSIVE CARCASS was formed in 2004, hailing from Storvik, a good deal North of Stockholm, and this is their first demo showcasing some grim and raw Death Metal.

Grim and downtuned riffing is powering the beast and is kicking the music ahead, a good blend of buzzsaw riffing and a more melodic approach, the bass is present up front and it really suits the music and adds to the quite dirty almost punky atmosphere. The drumming is kicking it off with blastbeats and a good dose of cymbal blitzkrieg – the backbone delivers controlled chaos, again a fitting dimension to CORROSIVE CARCASS’ universe. The growled, at times puked vocals is again spot on in this raw universe. The tracks are a good mix of shifting paces, straight on madness and chaos and controlled pieces and guitardriven melodies – quite good work. On top of that a unique and disturbing atmosphere, that makes me think of old NECROPHAGIA and AUTOPSY.

This is a pretty serious demo with some really good music on it, CORROSIVE CARCASS do have an attitude no other bands have right now, and on top of that they are delivering some stable and hardhitting Death Metal with a nice twist. Believe me when I say that we are going to hear a lot more from this band, unless they use 6 years on writing material for their next release that is!

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HERPES “Doomsday”

HERPES – Doomsday (Nihilistic Holocaust 2010)

Welcome to the universe of the French HERPES – death, doom and destruction are what this is all about! This is their first demo, released on tape by Carbonized Cells and on CDr by the magnificent underground label Nihilistic Holocaust – if you wanna get a scent of what’s going on in horrific darkness, jump their way!

When the CD starts spinning, downtuned and dirty raw madness emerges from the speakers and the listener is intertwined in a doomy gloomy dark world of a gasping growl, raw guitar riffs, a rumbling bass and noisy drums, hidden just below the wall of guitar distortion and a heavy bass a little bit of control, in the controlled way. If you already haven’t thought AUTOPSY, this is the time – homage to the gods – without being a sad copy – this is wellmade and played Death Metal with intensity, darkness and passion!

I dig the 5 tracks on this demo and this is yet a band I will be looking forward to hearing more from! They have a nice take on doomy and dirty brutal Death Metal and the keys utilized on the last track ‘Frozen Funeral’ is working quite well, more of that please.

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BLODHEMN “Brenn Alle Bruer”

BLODHEMN – Brenn Alle Bruer (Self financed 2010)

BLODHEMN hails from Bergen, Norway – a town infamous for spawning a lot of Black Metal bands, the currently base of ENSLAVED and the home of Grieghallen, where a lot of the Black Metal records that painted the second wave was recorded. This release is this one man band’s first, and was unleashed last year online, and now on CD in 200 numbered copies, so you might have to act fast to secure your copy!

The one man army is delivering classic old school Black Metal with a neckbreaking thrashy riff here and there. The tracks are well composed, intense and ridden with energy and darkness. Again, as with pretty much all Metal released nowadays, there isn’t much new under the funeral moon – the key here, is that the music has energy and atmosphere, there are put emotions into the work, and that are what make the five tracks on “Brenn Alle Bruer” slay christians.

Invisus, the force behind BLODHEMN has some good ideas, and on the 5 tracks the release contains, he make them come alive and working, good classic Black Metal as to be expected from Scandinavia, with some nice riffing, and chilling melodies, a raw and harsh scream from the netherworld and atmospherically build ups, nice drumming and a deep and audible bass, working its way a bit like the basslines on “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”.

“Brenn Alle Bruer” didn’t do much for me the first couple of times the disc spun in the player, though it has grown on me the more I’ve been playing it. Five slaps in the face of security and conformity. I am looking very much forward to hearing more from BLODHEMN and Invisus, he is trampling the right path! More info at:

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