Dark is the season – all life is continued at Nocturnal Horde

As we are nearing fall, if not tilting into it full speed head first, as it is happening here in Denmark, where the HQ of Nocturnal Horde is residing, and by fall life fades away to die during winter, heading into spring giving new life to flower in full during summer. Here it is a bit different, as Nocturnal Horde just got a bit of new life, it’s been in limbo the last few years due to a lot of different matters, though now the site has gotten a little overhaul and has been merged with Fangs Of Necrodivine Harmony, where I’ve been making very little noise for a time.

Nocturnal Horde – Fangs Of Necrodivine Harmony will continue in the vein of the last, only featuring music that is to my liking, alas a fanzine for the bands and labels I think deserves some noise at the given time, old as new. We’ll feature news, music, reviews (still critical as always), praise, interviews, features and the occasional rant from me.

I have been writing about music online and on print since 1999, and I will continue, perhaps not always as staple and fast as back in the days, though I’ll never stop making noise!

So head over to www.nocturnalhorde.com and make some noise!


HAEMORRHAGE “Live Carnage: Feasting On Maryland”

The Spanish madmen from HAEMORRHAGE made chaos and havoc during the Maryland Deathfest in 2012, that show was perpetuated on tape, and late last year released by the American label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Check out “Live Carnage: Feasting On Maryland”, the intense recording of the hellish, gig here, though beware that you instantly will regret you weren’t around, and have to settle with this headcrushing live release, which actually takes you right back in pit!




CENTINEX returns

“This is good fucking news!!!”

The legendary Swedish death metal band CENTINEX have reformed after a nearly 8-year long hiatus. Led by founding member Martin Schulman, CENTINEX are currently working on a new album and have also announced a “comeback” show at the Kill Town Death Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark, on September 4th-7th 2014.

“After a few years in the making it is now time for the rebirth of CENTINEX. Without interfering or affecting any of the other musical tasks we all have individually and collectively, we can’t put aside the fact that a new CENTINEX album is something we want to do and something that has to be done. Picking up the spirit from the bands 1992 debut album and by doing a deadly travel from Stockholm to Florida around the same period – including a digression to the Ruhr area a few years earlier – we have our path and direction ready to be explored”.
– Martin Schulman (bassist, founding member and main songwriter)

CENTINEX line-up 2014:

Alexander Högbom (OCTOBER TIDE, SPASMODIC) – vocals
Sverker Widgren (DEMONICAL, DIABOLICAL) – guitars
Martin Schulman (DEMONICAL, founding member of CENTINEX) – bass
Kennet Englund – (INTERMENT, CENTINEX 1999-2003) – drums


The new album will be recorded during the spring 2014 for a late summer release through an as-yet-undetermined label.

More news to follow, keep yourself updated through: www.facebook.com/centinexofficial

CRAVEN IDOL to release “Towards Eschaton” October 15th on Dark Descent Records

UK-based coven CRAVEN IDOL will unleash their debut full-length, “Towards Eschaton”, on October 15th through Dark Descent Records. The album will be made available on digital, CD and vinyl formats.

Exploring the depths of the subterranean caverns in which they dwell, CRAVEN IDOL have reached beyond their blackened Thrash roots by incorporating elements of Doom, traditional Heavy Metal and classic Death. The result is eight incantations of extreme Metal as it was known in the days before the subgenre pigeonholing and trend-fucking allegiance to scenes.

“Towards Eschaton”, which features artwork by Paolo Girardi, represents the culmination of CRAVEN IDOL’s dark visions to date. A coalescing of the band’s new and older material results in a mercurial assault, but one whose constituent parts each read from the same bloodied hymn sheet. Thematically the album deals primarily with the rotten fabric of religion and the depraved notions birthed upon its gilded altars. Musically the record owes fealty to the maligned era in which Black and Death Metal juddered into unlife, born dead in cemeteries haunted by relentless riffs and the screams of the hellbound. The beasts of BATHORY, POSSESSED, VENOM, ABSU, CANDLEMASS, SARCOFAGO, BELIAL, MANILA ROAD, GOSPEL OF THE HORN, MERCYFUL FATE, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, INQUISITION, SAMAEL and AUTOPSY have all left their mark on “Towards Eschaton”.

Album track ‘To Summon Mayrion’ is currently streaming at this location.


Spawned in the pits of London, CRAVEN IDOL creates ritual offerings in the earliest traditions of Black and Thrash Metal. In 2006 a self-released demo tape materialized, and its original fifty incarnations were quickly devoured. Starlight Temple Society then fanned this early flame with a tape re-release. 2010 saw the release of the “Ethereal Altars” EP on MCD and vinyl via Vengeful Attakk / Hammer of Hate. In early 2013 CRAVEN IDOL signed with Dark Descent Records for the release of their debut album, “Towards Eschaton”, on CD and vinyl. CRAVEN IDOL features members of SCYTHIAN, SEPULCHRAL TEMPLE, SOLSTICE and DECEPTOR. For the recording of “Towards Eschaton”, CRAVEN IDOL enlisted the percussive skills of Polish Metal veteran Volgard.

PUTREFACT – “Of Those Who Were Deceased” 7″ soon to be released

Mexican Death Metal fester-mob PUTREFACT have scheduled to enter studio soon to record another brand new EP entitled “Of Those Who Were Deceased”. This latest offering will feature two tracks of murderous and extremely unclean Death Metal in its most ancient style.

In an official statement by the band: “We are very glad to announce that Pulverised Records will spread our pestilence later this year releasing our 7” EP called “Of Those Who Were Deceased”! More info soon, you have been warned.”

Putrefact album cover

I am for one looking forward to the EP, check out their music at their Reverbnation page!