Dark is the season – all life is continued at Nocturnal Horde

As we are nearing fall, if not tilting into it full speed head first, as it is happening here in Denmark, where the HQ of Nocturnal Horde is residing, and by fall life fades away to die during winter, heading into spring giving new life to flower in full during summer. Here it is a bit different, as Nocturnal Horde just got a bit of new life, it’s been in limbo the last few years due to a lot of different matters, though now the site has gotten a little overhaul and has been merged with Fangs Of Necrodivine Harmony, where I’ve been making very little noise for a time.

Nocturnal Horde – Fangs Of Necrodivine Harmony will continue in the vein of the last, only featuring music that is to my liking, alas a fanzine for the bands and labels I think deserves some noise at the given time, old as new. We’ll feature news, music, reviews (still critical as always), praise, interviews, features and the occasional rant from me.

I have been writing about music online and on print since 1999, and I will continue, perhaps not always as staple and fast as back in the days, though I’ll never stop making noise!

So head over to www.nocturnalhorde.com and make some noise!


WILT working on new material

WILT has enlisted Nick Keller (BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, BEAST WARS and HERESIARCH) to design the cover art for their forthcoming new release, “Moving Monoliths”.

“Moving Monoliths” is the follow-up to the band’s self-titled debut, which was released in October of last year as a digital download, and is now being offered as a limited editions (300 copies only), 180-gram white vinyl 12-inch. WILT is available on vinyl and digital formats at wiltmanitoba.bandcamp.com.

As if the oldest tree in the forest pulled up its roots and migrated to its afterlife, a ghostly procession of bark and withered leaves. Death and decay are legion, but there’s a real sense of grace to the airy melodies they embed deep into the compositions, while never being as frivolous or cheap sounding as some of the tunes I’ve heard by AGALLOCH or WOODS OF YPRES (bands who possess a similar thematic approach to expression).
From the Dust Returned


WILT was unearthed in the winters of 2010. Founded by Jordan Dorge, later recruited Brett Goodchild to capture Jordan’s vision. Experience Wilt, dark deprived Black Metal in its truest form hailing from the frozen prairies of Central Canada, WILT intends to take you on a journey into the depths of your soul and every crevice of the earth.




Check out COFFINS, the essence of Doom/Death Metal, Japanese madness!


And on another note concerning the band, which are about to release their 4th full length “The Fleshland” on Relapse Records, they are also having a 10″ coming up!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is set to release the Deluxe Edition of the COFFINS “Colossal Hole” EP on 10-Inch Vinyl format on August 20th. This Deluxe Edition is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on Black Night vinyl and comes with a set of two barf bags and a pair of numbered event style tickets.

COFFINS make their triumphant return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for a special, one time only pressing of “Colossal Hole” on limited, deluxe edition 10″ vinyl! This sickening release features raw pre-production demo tracks from their Relapse Records debut “The Fleshland”, and was previously only available as a limited cassette direct from the band. “Colossal Hole” is COFFINS in their finest form… even heavier and more punishing than ever heard before!

This exclusive edition features cover artwork by Uchino himself and is hand numbered to 500 copies pressed on 45 RPM Black Night vinyl, packaged with a set of two horror movie style barf bags complimented by a pair of numbered collectable event style tickets. Pure bone-crushing, terrifying Doom-infested Death Metal for fans of ABSCESS, ASPHYX, AUTOPSY, CARNAGE, CELTIC FROST, CIANIDE, DIVINE EVE, GRAVE, HELLHAMMER, HOODED MENACE, VENOM and WINTER.

WARNING: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and COFFINS assume no responsibility for health problems that may arise while entering the “Colossal Hole”… No savior can rescue you from the Hellbringer!!!!!!!!

You’ll never see… The rain – Moments from Copenhell part 1

It was a nice sunny morning in Copenhagen, I was residing in the beautiful Christianshavn and went out to get a pain au chocolate and a coffee to kick the day into gear, before going over the bridge to the city, to seek out a nice lunch before Copenhell started to call, where my goal was to catch SATURNUS, I did catch the last 3 or 4 tracks by them, though that was enough to see, on stage, what I’ve seen many times before, the masters of Danish Death/Doom delivering their goods, and the usual ending of the set with ‘Christ Goodbye’ always sends shivers down the back of an old fan.

The most Heavy Metal lunch ever!

The most Heavy Metal lunch ever!

But before I was headed for Refshaleøen where Copenhell took place, I had to get some lunch and as the motherfucking brutal Heavy Metal fan I am, I went to Lumskebugten, a nice lunch restaurant run by one of the legends in Danish cuisine Erwin Lauterbach. Sitting in the sun eating Danish white Asparagus with crushed black pepper and sauce hollandaise, beef tartare with eggyolk, oyster and salmon roe, drinking pilsner from Fur, a nice little island out in the Western part of Denmark, that’s Metal life. Metal life indeed materialized, when 2 pretty young ladies got a table not far from me, sporting their Copenhell wristbands, while eating a couple of good looking open sandwiches.

After lunch one should think I was headed for some music, but no, the sun was shining and the weather was just damned perfect and when I found a winebar, with an empty table in the shadow, not of the horns as DARKTHRONE would have preferred, but a tree, I had to have a glass of wine or two. It was at Ved Stranden 10, just across Christiansborg, nice service and nice wine, and a little chat about Copenhell and Metal nowadays.

GRAVE in action

GRAVE in action

Now I was ready to conquer Copenhell and catch a little SATURNUS before a little bit of SABATON, I dug the first record, but man, it has become a parody on classic Heavy Metal, but nice to see the mighty SNOWY SHAW in live action, he still has it! And the sun was still shining, before I went to see GRAVE, which I had been looking forward to.

SABATON kicking it Heavy Metal style

SABATON kicking it Heavy Metal style

Not long before GRAVE was about to enter the stage, all hell broke lose, rain and a few lighting bolts over Copenhagen, and then a hell of a lot rain, and then more… Though GRAVE has played in worse conditions in Indonesia, so they took the stage after a small delay and kicked some serious ass, while it was pissing down during their set, though Ola and company didn’t give a fuck and delivered their Death Metal without compromise and did bring some heat back into the energetic crowd.

There is wet in the GRAVE!

There is wet in the GRAVE!

The wettest show I’ve ever witnessed, but still asskicking beyond belief, I’ve been with GRAVE for a long time, and this was, how sad it sounds, the first time I caught them live, and they didn’t let me down, one single bit! I also think they did play ‘After Forever’ without being a 100% sure, though after all the weather was beautiful!