Dark is the season – all life is continued at Nocturnal Horde

As we are nearing fall, if not tilting into it full speed head first, as it is happening here in Denmark, where the HQ of Nocturnal Horde is residing, and by fall life fades away to die during winter, heading into spring giving new life to flower in full during summer. Here it is a bit different, as Nocturnal Horde just got a bit of new life, it’s been in limbo the last few years due to a lot of different matters, though now the site has gotten a little overhaul and has been merged with Fangs Of Necrodivine Harmony, where I’ve been making very little noise for a time.

Nocturnal Horde – Fangs Of Necrodivine Harmony will continue in the vein of the last, only featuring music that is to my liking, alas a fanzine for the bands and labels I think deserves some noise at the given time, old as new. We’ll feature news, music, reviews (still critical as always), praise, interviews, features and the occasional rant from me.

I have been writing about music online and on print since 1999, and I will continue, perhaps not always as staple and fast as back in the days, though I’ll never stop making noise!

So head over to www.nocturnalhorde.com and make some noise!


ACHERON interview online at Voices From The Darkside

There has just been put a great interview with the great American Death Metal band Acheron and frontman Vincent Crowley online at Voices From The Darkside… Check it out, a great catch up on recent happenings and a few questions going little way back, and some about the new ripping album “Kult Des Hasses”, do check that album out as well, ACHERON and Crowley are in great shape!

SACROCURSE “Unholier Master”

It is always great to stumble across new music that gives you a solid kick in the arse… such an acquaintance is Mexican brutalist’s SACROCURSE. A lesson in violence in various forms with brutal and ripping Death Metal, did anyone say early DEICIDE combined with even more brutality, evil and a good dose of raw Black Metal. Check the guys out at their Bandcamp site where their album is streaming, released by Hell’s Headbangers Records and on vinyl by Iron Bonehead Productions, it is recommended from here!


Carnal Records to release OMNIZIDE “Death Metal Holocaust” on January 31

Carnal Records is set to release “Death Metal Holocaust” from Swedish Black/Death Unit OMNIZIDE on January 31. Featuring lead vocals from CRAFT throat Mikael Nox and music written by AE from AVSKY, the album follows the highly celebrated EP “Pleasure From Death” (the tracks from which are included as bonus material), the decibel assault reaches a new level of pain to ensure maximum aural decimation. “Death Metal Holocaust” was mastered by Joakim from CRAFT. Prepare for the unleashing of the demon spawn.

Listen to the album track ‘Rotting Flesh Parade’ here:

1 Rotting Flesh Parade
2 No Remorse
3 Monolith
4 The Eternally Damned
5 Crystals of Death
6 Dead Planet
7 Damnatio Ad Bestias
8 Nuclear Strike
9 Pleasure from Death (bonus track)
10 Desecration Art (bonus track)


The story of OMNIZIDE goes back to 1995 when Nox and Anders formed the Black Metal band BELZEN together. A few years later BELZEN split up. Nox joined CRAFT and Anders started the band AVSKY. When Nox did some guest vocals on AVSKY’s album “Scorn”, Anders and Nox decided to start BELZEN again. They changed the name to OMNIZIDE and recruited drummer Gaddur from the band KAFZIEL. In 2011 the “Pleasure From Death” EP was released. Later, guitarist Jesper joined the band and “Death Metal Holocaust” was recorded. After the recording was complete, bass player B-Force (DARK FUNERAL) joined the fold.


SIGH, masters of keeping me occupied

SIGH have always been masters of composing the unexpected, since I first laid ears upon the Japanese band, and was appalled by their strange take on music, a take I since have come to enjoy, enjoy a lot to be honest, as few bands within the whole world of music accomplishes to bring together as many different threads throughout an album as SIGH, and still keeping a steady hand and thin red line all the way through, together with keeping the listener’s attention hooked, even though there is going a lot of things on, and the atmosphere and base are ever changing.


“Scenes From Hell” did slip my attention back in 2010 when it was released by The End Records, though the beautiful vortex we know as the internet would that I during some browsing ended up on the Bandcamp site for SIGH, a site that contains one single thing, and one thing only, the full album of “Scenes From Hell” which I now have been listening to quite a lot the last few hours, and damn, I missed out on something back then, but that showed to be a major surprise this very night! If you already haven’t given this album a little attention and love, rush by the Bandcamp page of SIGH and press play. Though be a little cautious as the album is quite addictive!

Was this ever released on vinyl?