CENTINEX returns

“This is good fucking news!!!”

The legendary Swedish death metal band CENTINEX have reformed after a nearly 8-year long hiatus. Led by founding member Martin Schulman, CENTINEX are currently working on a new album and have also announced a “comeback” show at the Kill Town Death Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark, on September 4th-7th 2014.

“After a few years in the making it is now time for the rebirth of CENTINEX. Without interfering or affecting any of the other musical tasks we all have individually and collectively, we can’t put aside the fact that a new CENTINEX album is something we want to do and something that has to be done. Picking up the spirit from the bands 1992 debut album and by doing a deadly travel from Stockholm to Florida around the same period – including a digression to the Ruhr area a few years earlier – we have our path and direction ready to be explored”.
– Martin Schulman (bassist, founding member and main songwriter)

CENTINEX line-up 2014:

Alexander Högbom (OCTOBER TIDE, SPASMODIC) – vocals
Sverker Widgren (DEMONICAL, DIABOLICAL) – guitars
Martin Schulman (DEMONICAL, founding member of CENTINEX) – bass
Kennet Englund – (INTERMENT, CENTINEX 1999-2003) – drums


The new album will be recorded during the spring 2014 for a late summer release through an as-yet-undetermined label.

More news to follow, keep yourself updated through: www.facebook.com/centinexofficial

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