Deepsend Records to Release “The Sovereign” from Aalborg, Denmark’s FEROCITY

Heavy is about to get a whole new meaning. Deepsend Records has announced the worldwide release of FEROCITY’s “The Sovereign” on September 3rd.

These five Danes have crafted an album so chock full of heaviness, that the armed forces will soon be well aware of FEROCITY’s presence in the underground. “The Sovereign” is a beast, plain and simple. To call it anything less would be criminal. Ten blistering, missiles of rage and angst aimed at causing you, the listener, great bodily harm. You see, there’s just no way not to mosh when “The Sovereign” is pounding through your speakers.

Ferocity have recently signed a record deal with Deepsend Records for the 2013 release of “The Sovereign”. The band’s musical style is brutal and uncompromising, yet with a melodic touch that has been their trademark for years. With Nikolaj Kjærgaard on the drums as the newest addition to the band, FEROCITY are now adding elements of grind and blastbeat-laden Death to their repertoire. Where other bands experience a shift from brutal to mainsteam, FEROCITY are doing the opposite! With inspiration from both N.Y. Death Metal, Swedish and Polish Death metal bands, FEROCITY are creating a style of their own…


FEROCITY will be hitting the roads with label mates CORPUS MORTALE in September/October, the dates are as following:
06.09 Konfus, Esbjerg (support by: PANACEA)
13.09 Gyngen, Aarhus (support by: PREVAIL)
14.09 Rockstjernen, Herning (support by: AKOMA)
21.09 1000fryd, Aalborg (support by: EMESIS)
12.10 Drivhuset, Skive (support by: tba)

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