OGDRU JAHAD ‘Necromantic Rites’ rehearsal

Well, isn’t it time for some Wednesday darkness?

Read a review of the quite good album “I” here!

And remember the grim bunch of OGDRU JAHAD plays KillTown DeathFest this weekend!


CRAVEN IDOL to release “Towards Eschaton” October 15th on Dark Descent Records

UK-based coven CRAVEN IDOL will unleash their debut full-length, “Towards Eschaton”, on October 15th through Dark Descent Records. The album will be made available on digital, CD and vinyl formats.

Exploring the depths of the subterranean caverns in which they dwell, CRAVEN IDOL have reached beyond their blackened Thrash roots by incorporating elements of Doom, traditional Heavy Metal and classic Death. The result is eight incantations of extreme Metal as it was known in the days before the subgenre pigeonholing and trend-fucking allegiance to scenes.

“Towards Eschaton”, which features artwork by Paolo Girardi, represents the culmination of CRAVEN IDOL’s dark visions to date. A coalescing of the band’s new and older material results in a mercurial assault, but one whose constituent parts each read from the same bloodied hymn sheet. Thematically the album deals primarily with the rotten fabric of religion and the depraved notions birthed upon its gilded altars. Musically the record owes fealty to the maligned era in which Black and Death Metal juddered into unlife, born dead in cemeteries haunted by relentless riffs and the screams of the hellbound. The beasts of BATHORY, POSSESSED, VENOM, ABSU, CANDLEMASS, SARCOFAGO, BELIAL, MANILA ROAD, GOSPEL OF THE HORN, MERCYFUL FATE, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, INQUISITION, SAMAEL and AUTOPSY have all left their mark on “Towards Eschaton”.

Album track ‘To Summon Mayrion’ is currently streaming at this location.


Spawned in the pits of London, CRAVEN IDOL creates ritual offerings in the earliest traditions of Black and Thrash Metal. In 2006 a self-released demo tape materialized, and its original fifty incarnations were quickly devoured. Starlight Temple Society then fanned this early flame with a tape re-release. 2010 saw the release of the “Ethereal Altars” EP on MCD and vinyl via Vengeful Attakk / Hammer of Hate. In early 2013 CRAVEN IDOL signed with Dark Descent Records for the release of their debut album, “Towards Eschaton”, on CD and vinyl. CRAVEN IDOL features members of SCYTHIAN, SEPULCHRAL TEMPLE, SOLSTICE and DECEPTOR. For the recording of “Towards Eschaton”, CRAVEN IDOL enlisted the percussive skills of Polish Metal veteran Volgard.

NECROT “Necrot”

NECROT – Necrot [Extremely Rotten Records 2012]


I really like the wave of rotten and dirty Death Metal that have started to flow over the barren lands lately, or well the last few years really. NECROT is one of the newer entities in this pool of decomposition. They started their venture of Death in 2011 and has already two demos under their belt. This first one that I am writing about now, and the newer “Into The Labyrinth” which also is worth a listen or 9.

Right now the band consist of three, though when “Necrot” was recorded they were only two, Chad Gailey on drums from a couple of bands that I don’t know yet, and Luca Indrio who handles bass, guitars and vocals, who we know from a couple of bands that have made quite some noise the last few years, ACEPHALIX and VASTUM. Since then Sonny Reinhardt has stepped in and has taken over some of the guitar duties.

As guessed, NECROT is delivering a heavy dose of downtuned midpaced raw Death Metal. The atmosphere is dark and raw, straight to the point and very drawing, it is hard not to be caught in the swirling dark madness from the band, it is all done in primitive ways. Good base riffs, a guttural and quite pronounced growl, like in the good old Swedish days, pounding drumming to the point and a nice rumbling raw bass and overall production. A trip down memory lane, without it being outdated nor dusty.

If you’re into the above described kind of Death Metal this demo and the new one from these guys are must haves, the new demo “Into The Labyrinths” should soon be released by Extremely Rotten Records. And follow NECROT closely, only good things should be able to develop from these early signs of brutality.


Deepsend Records to Release “The Sovereign” from Aalborg, Denmark’s FEROCITY

Heavy is about to get a whole new meaning. Deepsend Records has announced the worldwide release of FEROCITY’s “The Sovereign” on September 3rd.

These five Danes have crafted an album so chock full of heaviness, that the armed forces will soon be well aware of FEROCITY’s presence in the underground. “The Sovereign” is a beast, plain and simple. To call it anything less would be criminal. Ten blistering, missiles of rage and angst aimed at causing you, the listener, great bodily harm. You see, there’s just no way not to mosh when “The Sovereign” is pounding through your speakers.

Ferocity have recently signed a record deal with Deepsend Records for the 2013 release of “The Sovereign”. The band’s musical style is brutal and uncompromising, yet with a melodic touch that has been their trademark for years. With Nikolaj Kjærgaard on the drums as the newest addition to the band, FEROCITY are now adding elements of grind and blastbeat-laden Death to their repertoire. Where other bands experience a shift from brutal to mainsteam, FEROCITY are doing the opposite! With inspiration from both N.Y. Death Metal, Swedish and Polish Death metal bands, FEROCITY are creating a style of their own…


FEROCITY will be hitting the roads with label mates CORPUS MORTALE in September/October, the dates are as following:
06.09 Konfus, Esbjerg (support by: PANACEA)
13.09 Gyngen, Aarhus (support by: PREVAIL)
14.09 Rockstjernen, Herning (support by: AKOMA)
21.09 1000fryd, Aalborg (support by: EMESIS)
12.10 Drivhuset, Skive (support by: tba)


The old-school Death Metal band INBREEDING REDNECKS are ready to unleash their crushing debut album “Abnormal Life Portrayed”!

Danish INBREEDING REDNECKS was formed in 2008 and consists of experienced metal musicians from bands like AUTUMN LEAVES, MEMORIAL, FRAMELESS SCAR and MERCERNARY. After only one EP the band is now ready with the debut album “Abnormal Life Portrayed”. The album has been under development for the last two years and is recorded at CB Studios by Christian Bonde (DAWN OF DEMISE, FEROCITY etc.) and mixed by Sebastian Wolff from KELLERMENSCH.

INBREEDING REDNECKS has roots in the seaport Esbjerg and is inspired by “old school” Metal and therefore attaches great importance to those areas are the prominent elements of music. Bands like SUFFOCATION, MORBID ANGEL and HYPOCRISY are the source of inspiration as well as modern metallers like GOJIRA amongst others.

INBREEDING REDNECKS writes about critical events in society, which are characterized by everyday frustrations and supports it with the brutality of Death Metal. This universe consists of an equally brutal instrumentation – 90s inspired growl vocals are delivered in a convincing manner, a high technical level on the drums and lyrics with a clear-cut message. The riffs are written with consideration to the simple and harmonious.

The band pays homage to the old way of making albums, but has found their own way to make it work in today’s metal world. With these elements in focus, the band knows that the messages will strike the listener as hard as the songs suggests.

Check out the lyrics video for ‘Misery The Agenda’ from the upcoming album here and judge for yourself.

“Abnormal Life Portrayed” will be released October 14th 2013 by Mighty Music/Target.


EXHUMER “Degraded By Sepsis” to see the light of day October 15th

Italian Grind brutalists EXHUMER will release their second full-length album, “Degraded By Sepsis”, on October 15th via Comatose Music.

Ruthless and calculating, “Degraded By Sepsis” marks the first recorded output from one of Italy’s sickest Death Metal exports since their 2008 full-length debut, “Bloodcurdling Tool Of Digestion”. This new release displays rabid skills of technical brutality, inhuman speed and supreme aggression while leaving a trail of blood-soaked anguish in the unavoidable aftermath. Artwork by Zig.