Irish Tech Death Metal band DICHOTOMY to release “Paradigms” August 14th

Irish Tech Death DICHOTOMY drummer Dave Fay has recently posted a new playthrough video for ‘No Catharsis’ which has been taken from the upcoming debut album “Paradigms”. Watch the video below.

‘No Catharsis’ Drum Playthrough

The band previously posted an all instrument plathrough video for ‘All-Seeing Eye’ which has already surpassed 11,000 views! Watch the video below.

‘All-Seeing Eye’ Instrument Playthrough

DICHOTOMY will self-release “Paradigms” this August 14th. The album will be available physically as well as for digital download.

The five piece melodic Tech-Death Metal band hailing from Dublin, Ireland draw influences from bands such as DEATH, NECROPHAGIST, GOJIRA and OPETH and was formed in 2010 by guitarists Andy Kealy & Rats with a mind to combine the technicality of Death Metal with the groove and musicality of other genres. After establishing a lineup in 2010 the band began writing material under the name DICHOTOMY to suitably describe the contrasting styles used in the music. Summer 2012 bore the fruits of their hard labour as the band took up residence at the world renowned Westland Studios in Dublin to record “Paradigms” with producer Alwyn Walker.

“Paradigms” is about a multiple of things.” comments lead guitarist Steven ‘Rats’ Rahaman. “The 5 of us wanted to get together and write music that we would be happy to listen to ourselves. we all individually have a varied taste in music and style so the music we created had allot of contrast so the name DICHOTOMY was chosen. The lyrics themselves in paradigms create a collection of dichotomies. So in a nutshell you could say that “Paradigms” is about the band name which is about the music.”

Tracklisting for “Paradigms” is as follows:

‘The Sentient Oppressed’
‘All – Seeing Eye’
‘No Catharsis’
‘Covenant Of The Forsworn’
‘Alea Iacta Est’
‘…Of Strife Of Discord’

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WILT working on new material

WILT has enlisted Nick Keller (BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, BEAST WARS and HERESIARCH) to design the cover art for their forthcoming new release, “Moving Monoliths”.

“Moving Monoliths” is the follow-up to the band’s self-titled debut, which was released in October of last year as a digital download, and is now being offered as a limited editions (300 copies only), 180-gram white vinyl 12-inch. WILT is available on vinyl and digital formats at

As if the oldest tree in the forest pulled up its roots and migrated to its afterlife, a ghostly procession of bark and withered leaves. Death and decay are legion, but there’s a real sense of grace to the airy melodies they embed deep into the compositions, while never being as frivolous or cheap sounding as some of the tunes I’ve heard by AGALLOCH or WOODS OF YPRES (bands who possess a similar thematic approach to expression).
From the Dust Returned


WILT was unearthed in the winters of 2010. Founded by Jordan Dorge, later recruited Brett Goodchild to capture Jordan’s vision. Experience Wilt, dark deprived Black Metal in its truest form hailing from the frozen prairies of Central Canada, WILT intends to take you on a journey into the depths of your soul and every crevice of the earth.

MERCILESS TERROR to release “Vile Extinction” October 7th on Devil’s Clause Records

The album comes on the heels of last year’s self-released EP, “Eternal Decay”, and sees the band overcome a series of obstacles in the form of lineup changes. Earlier this year, Michael Brush (ex-HELLBASTARD) stepped in to take over drum duties and original guitarist David Siddons took his leave and was recently replaced by shredder Luke Tasker. Frontman Dale Linsdell commented, “‘It has been tough this past year, with new line up changes/touring and recording the album itself, we are glad to finally unleash it upon the world. This will be 11 tracks of pure terror”

“Vile Extinction” was recorded at Stuck on a Name Studios by co-producer Ian Boult and was mixed and mastered by Neil Williams at Abysmal Audio. The album artwork was handled by legendary artist Jon Zig and the bands logo was revamped by local artist Gary Ronaldson of Bite Radius Designs.,


Death/Thrash Aggressors Hail from Nottingham, UK. Formed in April 2009, the band takes influence from the likes of: SLAYER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, Early SEPULTURA & BOLT THROWER. Creating a powerful blend of Crushing Death Metal with a delivery of relentless Thrash Metal battery!

In 2011 the critically acclaimed debut EP “Perpetual Devastation” was released onto the world mastered by James Murphy. Since its release the quartet have undergone several line-up changes, to finally form a solid and ferocious unit. MERCILESS TERROR are an unstoppable force that have already laid waste to audiences Internationally from UK/IRE & Europe to the likes of Scandinavia, and even Japan. The band have recently recorded their new full-length album “Vile Extinction” which will be released August 2013 worldwide via Devils Clause Records! The Reign of Terror has just begun…

Greyhaze Records to release SARCOFAGO’S “INRI” on vinyl and “Warfare Noise” compilation on digipack

The Florida-based label is set to release a vinyl version of SARCOFAGO “INRI” featuring two types of gatefold jackets. The Warfare Noise compilation will be released as a deluxe 6-panel digipak.


Sarcofago_INRI_Cover_Blue Sarcofago_INRI_Cover

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the vinyl reissue of a hallmark in Extreme Metal: Sarcofago “INRI”. The reissue comes in celebration of the album’s 25th anniversary and will feature two different gatefold jackets. The first version will feature the album’s original, now-infamous orange-hued graveyard photo. The second version will feature the alternate blue hued photo, which was first released in 1991. Both versions will also feature a deluxe gatefold insert featuring album lyrics as well as photos from the band. Originally released in 1987 “INRI” has been a major influence in Black/Death Metal bands and scenes worldwide and is greatly relevant to this day.

“Warfare Noise” DIGIPAK









Originally released in 1986, the “Warfare Noise” compilation represents the first officially released output by classic Brazilian Metal bands HOLOCAUSTO, CHAKAL, MUTILATOR, and SARCOFAGO. The album is an important document in the history of Heavy Metal giving a glimpse of what would eventually become the Brazilian Metal scene that spawned bands such as SEPULTURA, among others. This reissue comes housed in a deluxe 6-panel digipak featuring many never-before seen photos of all bands involved. Musically the album brings about all the tracks available in the original “Warfare Noise” as well as special bonus tracks from each band.

Both releases are now available for pre-order at the Greyhaze Records store at the following URL:

ROTTREVORE “Hung By The Eyesockets” releasedate 8-8-2013

About the new ROTTREVORE, here is the info from Xtreem Music directly……..recorded and produced by Mr Eric Rutan!!! Amazing!!!

…..Although the long awaited comeback EP of US heaviest Death Metal legends ROTTREVORE was recorded back in March 2011 and planned for a summer release through Xtreem Music, the fact is that several problems made it impossible until now. However, the band already made available for listening these tracks on their website, getting an astonishing reaction from fans worldwide.

It is now, in August 2013, when this 3-song EP titled “Hung By The Eyesockets”, recorded & produced by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studio in Florida, will see the light on CD format, being followed, a couple of months later, by a very special vinyl version.

One of these problems that delayed this release was the cover artwork and after trying three artists, the band decided to use the skills of Juanjo Castellano who again proved to be one of the most renowned artists in extreme Metal, creating another sick piece of art.

Originally entitled “Blind Sided Attack”, this EP changed its name for “Hung By The Eyesockets”, so for those who might think this is a different release, don’t worry it’s the same one. This release will coincide with ROTTREVORE’s very first and only European appearance ever at KillTown Deathfest in Denmark next 30th of August.

Release date for “Hung By The Eyesockets” is planned for August 8th and an advance track can be heard here: