DEHUMANIZED To Release “Controlled Elite” on 11/27 Via Comatose Music

New York vets DEHUMANIZED have set November 27th as the release date for their long-awaited return to action, “Controlled Elite”.

After reforming last year, DEHUMANIZED inked a multi-album contract with Comatose Music and have since been bulldozing their way back onto the US Death Metal scene.

Pre-orders for “Controlled Elite” are now being taken at

The history of DEHUMANIZED dates back to the mid-90s, an era that saw the rise of several legendary New York Death Metal acts, not the least of which included SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, and PYREXIA. In 1998 DEHUMANIZED released their debut album “Prophecies Foretold”. The album was a savage crash course into the classic style of New York slam Death Metal. As a result of this impressive release they are now considered by many as one of the bands who helped define and shape the undeniable sound and feel of New York Death Metal. “Controlled Elite” was recorded at Full Force Studio in Long Island, NY and engineered by Joe Cincotta.

1. Bloodties
2. Body Colonizers
3. Soiled
4. Set in Stone
5. Controlled Elite
6. Immorally Reborn
7. His Burden
8. Root of Evil
9. None Shall Remain
10. Man vs. Man
11. Condemned (bonus track)


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