ABSTRACTER’s “Tomb of Feathers” to be Released 9/18/2012 on The Path Less Traveled Records

The Path Less Traveled Records will release “Tomb of Feathers”, the debut album from crusty Bay Area Blackened Noise Doomsters ABSTRACTER September 18th on digital format. The CD and vinyl versions will be released in early 2013. A cassette tape version of the album will be available for sale in fall of 2012 through the band’s own imprint Anti-everything Laboratories.

Consisting of three tracks spanning 40 minutes, “Tomb of Feathers” is both mesmerizing in its massive, enveloping soundscapes, and annihilating in its brutal, relentless, and merciless grasp of the listener’s synapses. ABSTRACTER’s unique sound is influenced by the likes of AMEBIX, SWANS, BATHORY, GODFLESH and DISEMBOWELMENT, and shaped by elements borrowed from a vast array of genres, spanning from Black Metal, to Crust and Doom Metal, to Shoegazing and Psychedelic Rock, to Hardcore Punk and Noise music. The work itself is a single-themed concept album about madness and mental disease as a result of the extreme and cynical individualism that permeates the world, and humanity’s cowardly tendency to constantly leave the weak behind.

Entirely self-produced and self-funded by the band, “Tomb of Feathers” was recorded live in three days (one track per day), directly to 22-track 2-inch analog tape mounted on 30-minute reels processed by a mid-80’s Akai tape recorder, by sound engineer Josh Garcia (DEPECHE MODE, MELVINS, DWARVES). The recordings were then passed on to Greg Wilkinson at Hearhammer Studios for mixing, and were then shipped to Philadelphia to be mastered by James Plotkin (ISIS, SUNN O))), OLD, KHANATE, etc.).

Walls that Breathe
To Vomit Crows

Abstracter website


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