YELLOWTOOTH’s Disgust Out Now; Premiers New Track

Orchestrated Misery Recordings has officially released Disgust from Indiana’s YELLOWTOOTH. Fuzzed out, sludged up, pumped full of death, and stoned out of its goddamned mind, “Disgust” is the product of a veteran trio of 40-somethings that have done time in CHRONIC DISORDER, SEA OF TRANQUILLITY, SHADES OF GREY, SKULLVIEW, NOCTURNAL TORMENT, and INVASION.

To celebrate the album’s release, is offering an exclusive stream of the song “Burning Daylight.” Visit this location to listen.

“…a bear of an album which is openly inspiring and a certainty to capture vast amount of imaginations for all things Yellowtooth.” – Ringmaster Reviews

“The music is loaded with fat, sludgy, primal, throwback riffs, with a meat-grinding bass tone and well-executed solo’s. And although the music may be best classified in the stoner/doom category, the hoarse death-metal vocals (which I fuckin’ love) turn the songs into something else – something that wants to eat your liver and brain.” – No Clean Singing


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