Comatose Music to Release EXECRATION’s “The Acceptance of Zero Existence” on 9/25

On September 25th, Colorado’s EXECRATION will unleash their second full-length, “The Acceptance of Zero Existence”, on Comatose Music. Now with a solid line up and a more serious approach, their music has become darker and more technical than the previous material with extreme aggressiveness. The lyrical theme explores the malicious side of “death worship” while dealing with the acceptance of an alternate reality. So grab some brews, smoke a joint, drop a dose and enjoy this new offering of Rocky Mountain blast driven brutality! For fans of ORIGIN, HATE ETERNAL and IMMOLATION.

1. Through the Portal
2. Awake the Darkened
3. The Acceptance of Zero Existence
4. Infernal Rites of Exsanguination
5. Serpentine Changeling
6. The Stars Will Make Known My Rage
7. Further Through the Portal
8. Queen Amongst the Wolves
9. The Great Fall
10. Falling Through the Portal
11. The First Death

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