MASTER “Slaves To Society”

MASTER – Slaves To Society (Ibex Moon Records)

MASTER mastermind Paul Speckmann is a legend in the Death Metal community, many youngsters might not know who he is, but the grand old man has been dealing with Metal since the start-80s and is still going strong. Since the inception of MASTER in 1983, it has been his main focus, even though he has had numerous other bands, and helped out in, almost, even more, and I am sure many have met him manning a merch stand or 2 during various Death Metal gigs around the world. MASTER has never been my favorite Speckman band, that has always been ABOMINATION, a band that roamed the first few years of the 90s and delivered 2 really good albums in the self titled debut and then “Tragedy Strikes”.

Though to be honest the sound was never that far off the first 2 MASTER albums, which were released within the same years, a bit crossover-thrashier and more straight forward and not that many growls as in MASTER. All that brings us to the year 2007 where we saw the release of this ninth full length album from MASTER, “Slaves To Society”, re-released in America by Ibex Moon Records with 4 demo tracks added to the original track list, which is the one reviewed here.

After some soul searching within the genre, it seems like MASTER have found back to the virtues of the 2 first albums, the self titled debut album and “On The Seventh Day God Created… Master”

Read the rest of the review @ Voices From The Darkside

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