CIANIDE’s “The Dying Truth” reissue out now on Deathgasm Records

It’s been a long time coming, but CIANIDE’s 1992 Death ‘n Doom landmark album “The Dying Truth” has gotten a special reissue treatment from Deathgasm Records, this time with its originally-intended track order! The reissue also includes as bonus tracks 1990’s “Funeral” demo and 1991’s “Second Life” demo, as well as new liner notes detailing the story of the album and its ultimate reissuance on Deathgasm. All songs have been remastered and edited by John Alexander.

“This is the heaviest and sickest Death Metal that you will EVER hear.”
– Mike Abominator (

“The Dying Truth” Cover Art & Track Listing:

1. Scourging at the Pillar
2. The Dying Truth
3. Funeral
4. The Suffering
5. Human Cesspool
6. Mindscrape
7. Crawling Chaos
8. Second Life

“Funeral” Demo:
9. Morbid Restitution
11.Choose Your Death

“Second Life” Demo:
12.The Dying Truth
13. Mindscrape
14. Human Cesspool
15. The Suffering
Second Life

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