CHAOS INCEPTION To Unleash “The Abrogation”

Alabama Death Horde CHAOS INCEPTION will unleash their newest effort, “The Abrogation”, tomorrow via Lavadome Productions.

On their sophomore effort, CHAOS INCEPTION continue to push that Floridian/Brazilian Death Metal paradigm even further into its own identifiable realm of extremity, while remaining heavily rooted in the traditional conception.

“The Abrogation” was recorded and mixed by Lance Wright at Stargate Studios in Huntsville, AL during Fall/Winter 2011 and mastered by Brian Elliot at Mana Studios in January 2012. Final artwork for the album can be viewed below. It was created by Italian painter Paolo Girardi and it depicts a vision relating to the last days of humanity in connection with the musical side of the album. CHAOS INCEPTION’s Legacy of Extreme Death Metal Art continues and the Hellfire blasts will be unrelenting. Submit to incineration!

CHAOS INCEPTION is proving once more that they’re a force to be feared, a healthy hybrid of 90s extremity with a flair for the modern execution and intensity that you often hear from technical West Coast acts. Fans of MORBID ANGEL, DIABOLIC, NILE and HATE ETERNAL really ought to check out this band, but there’s enough of an appeal here for nearly any brutal, accelerated death advocate. Destroy destroy destroy.” – From the Dust Returned

“This isnt a bunch of nerds wearing Emmure shirts, no this is down and dirty Death Metal like they used to play in the late 80s and 90s.” –

Commentary on “The Abrogation” from Lavadome Records:

It matters not whether you’re a fan of MORBID ANGEL, KRISIUN, HATE ETERNAL, ORIGIN, DEEDS OF FLESH, BEHEMOTH, JOB FOR A COWBOY, ANGEL CORPSE, NECROPHAGIST or GORGASM, as “The Abrogation” will satisfy those searching for devastating, skilled, extreme, and compositionally expressive music coming straight from the soul whose main driving force is pure sincere creativity.

CHAOS INCEPTION are well on their way and “The Abrogation” is here to prove it’s all possible. The nine tracks on the album are a real tornado; unbridled yet completely controlled, showing that the legacy of the Floridian/Brazilian style of Death Metal is still alive and ready to be pursued on. The dedication, chemistry, experience and skill are traits present within the ranks of CHAOS INCEPTION. And it all got even more expansive and refined since the release of their debut album in 2009. The new material sounds even more focused, intense and musically proficient. The legacy of the progenitors of the style is still there, unquestionably. However, the band’s guitarist and main songwriter, Matt Barnes, successfully creates a style of his own. It’s the respect and understanding of the roots of the genre that is needed in order to push the borders of the music to unseen horizons, which were so close yet so distant.

There is still a lot hidden behind the almost inhuman shredding and compositional mastery. The details hidden in arrangements and riffs appear and take the musical extremity on the album to yet another level. It needs to be said that all members of the band delivered top-notch efforts on the album and it couldn’t be what it is without their performances, be it the overwhelming crescendo of Gary White’s drumming artillery; the incredibly varied, rhythmically tight phrasing of the vocalist, Chris White, and last but not least, the bass guitar patterns by Cam Pinkerton giving all the tracks a firm floor while expanding and bringing a steel-pulsing, skull-crushing edge to the table. Every one of these elements adds to the thrilling, lightning and burning imagery erupting from the sounds of the album.

Although the album clocks in at around half an hour, time becomes absolutely relative because with a close, concentrated listen one enters something that we call Death Metal eternity; it reveals the enormous effort put into every detail of every single note and one song could feel like if it were lasting for eons and still remain exciting- a sign of real, time-defying art in its purest form and that’s what “The Abrogation” by CHAOS INCEPTION is all about.

Lavadome is proud to serve as a medium and carry this masterpiece to the public worldwide. We are even more stoked about this album because being long time, dedicated fans of extreme Death Metal, we know that albums like “The Abrogation” aren’t released every day, but rather just few times per a decade and this has already been a long wait! Enjoy this pure detonation of extreme Death Metal!


CIANIDE’s “The Dying Truth” reissue out now on Deathgasm Records

It’s been a long time coming, but CIANIDE’s 1992 Death ‘n Doom landmark album “The Dying Truth” has gotten a special reissue treatment from Deathgasm Records, this time with its originally-intended track order! The reissue also includes as bonus tracks 1990’s “Funeral” demo and 1991’s “Second Life” demo, as well as new liner notes detailing the story of the album and its ultimate reissuance on Deathgasm. All songs have been remastered and edited by John Alexander.

“This is the heaviest and sickest Death Metal that you will EVER hear.”
– Mike Abominator (

“The Dying Truth” Cover Art & Track Listing:

1. Scourging at the Pillar
2. The Dying Truth
3. Funeral
4. The Suffering
5. Human Cesspool
6. Mindscrape
7. Crawling Chaos
8. Second Life

“Funeral” Demo:
9. Morbid Restitution
11.Choose Your Death

“Second Life” Demo:
12.The Dying Truth
13. Mindscrape
14. Human Cesspool
15. The Suffering
Second Life


American Black Metal titans AVERSE SEFIRA has officially disbanded. The band formed in 1996, and went on to make their mark through Europe and the Americas, performing with other notable black metal groups like DARK FUNERAL, GORGOROTH, WATAIN, MARDUK, 1349, ABSU, ANTAEUS, and

The band gained a respectable following despite a fiercely independent stance that garnered them a complex reputation in the underground. They achieved wider exposure with their signing to Candlelight Records in 2007 and the release of their highly-rated fourth LP, “Advent Parallax”, the following year. Over the last decade, they also appeared in multiple documentaries and books examining metal culture.

AVERSE SEFIRA was known for dealing in esoteric themes, involved lyrics, and fractured musical styles that were regarded as both ambitious and confounding in equal measures. They were also known for strong ties with several veteran Death Metal acts, many of whom regularly touted the band in interviews.

Formal farewell statements from founding members Sanguine Mapsama and Wrath Sathariel Diabolus can be found at the band’s official blog.

Check out this interview with Wrath Satariel from 2001 (in Danish, make Google translate your friend)