VORE signs With Germany’s AFM Records

Death metal veterans VORE is proud to announce that they have just signed with Germany’s AFM Records. The deal will see a re-release of VORE’s most recent album, “Gravehammer” (which was released by the band in December of last year) on July 20th on CD and vinyl formats. The iron fist of the underground is now poised for world domination!

Barely a month after its release, “Gravehammer” reached the #4 spot on Amazon.com’s Death Metal downloads chart and received praise from critics around the world. The long-awaited follow up to 2005’s “Maleficus”, “Gravehammer”, sees VORE’s battle-ready brand of Death Metal taken to a new level of intensity and aggression.

VORE has been cranking out their unique blend of crushing, Doom-laden Death Metal since 1994. VORE draws upon Death, Thrash and Traditional Metal influences to create an onslaught of titanic power and heaviness. VORE’s mid-paced rhythmic style is built around strong riffs and songcraft, rather than all out speed, which sets them apart from current trends in Death Metal. Over this soundscape, themes of doom, darkness, conquest and sorcery roar in a savage vocal attack.

VORE consists of guitarist/vocalist Page Townsley, drummer Remy Cameron and bassist Jeremy Partin. The band has independently released four self financed CDs – “Dead Kings Eyes” in 1997, “Lord Of Storms” in 2001, “Maleficus” in 2005 and their latest opus, “Gravehammer”, in 2011.


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