NAPOLEON SKULLFUKK – “He Came With Rats” out on May 23th.

Old-school pig squealing Death Metal from the North of Finland. Debut album contains eight rocking, unhuman mid-tempo songs. These guys are the new hope of dirty Finnish Death Metal. Listen the sample songs and decide yourself.

The band has been around since 2004 spreading their disgusting and disturbing torture and violence. the band have previously self released two EP’s “Torture Metal” And “Swollen” which were re-released through Dynamic Arts on March 2011 on the same covers. NAPOLEON SKULLFUKK have been doing shows around Finland since the birth of the band. Band also did Baltic tour in 2011 to support the new re-release.

“If you guys remember “Torture Metal” and “Swollen”, fuck them both! The new album ‘delivers our skins’ in even more wicked ways. It combines the best sides of our previous works and wipes the floor with 8 new pieces of torture, pain and evil!”

The debut album “He Came With Rats” will be out on May 23th. Taste the carcass!

1. Swallowed
2. When His Blade Meets Grey
3. He Came With Rats
4. Six Pieces Are Still Missing
5. Mad Laughter
6. Abomination Of Demise
7. Their Eyes Were Watching
8. Crawling Horrors

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