BLODHEMN “Brenn Alle Bruer”

BLODHEMN – Brenn Alle Bruer (Self financed 2010)

BLODHEMN hails from Bergen, Norway – a town infamous for spawning a lot of Black Metal bands, the currently base of ENSLAVED and the home of Grieghallen, where a lot of the Black Metal records that painted the second wave was recorded. This release is this one man band’s first, and was unleashed last year online, and now on CD in 200 numbered copies, so you might have to act fast to secure your copy!

The one man army is delivering classic old school Black Metal with a neckbreaking thrashy riff here and there. The tracks are well composed, intense and ridden with energy and darkness. Again, as with pretty much all Metal released nowadays, there isn’t much new under the funeral moon – the key here, is that the music has energy and atmosphere, there are put emotions into the work, and that are what make the five tracks on “Brenn Alle Bruer” slay christians.

Invisus, the force behind BLODHEMN has some good ideas, and on the 5 tracks the release contains, he make them come alive and working, good classic Black Metal as to be expected from Scandinavia, with some nice riffing, and chilling melodies, a raw and harsh scream from the netherworld and atmospherically build ups, nice drumming and a deep and audible bass, working its way a bit like the basslines on “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”.

“Brenn Alle Bruer” didn’t do much for me the first couple of times the disc spun in the player, though it has grown on me the more I’ve been playing it. Five slaps in the face of security and conformity. I am looking very much forward to hearing more from BLODHEMN and Invisus, he is trampling the right path! More info at:

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