TORMENTED “Graveyard Lust”

TORMENTED – Graveyard Lust (War Anthem Records 2012)

TORMENTED is out to commence carnage, the quartet consisting of Robberth Karlsson, Jocke Ölund, Claes Holmberg and Andreas ‘Dread’ Axelson, where the first and last mentioned might be the most known in this line-up, both with a long and glorious path inside Metal since the late 80ties/early 90ties, no bands mentioned no bands forgotten, besides INFESTDEAD where Dread handled the vocals, a band reminding a bit of TORMENTED in their way of attacking things. INFESTDEAD were a Death/Grind DEICIDE homage band, straight to the point and brutal… TORMENTED pays homage to the early days of Swedish Death Metal, straight to the point with a punkish ‘fuck you all’ attitude and the dark eerie riffing, cold and gripping melodies, pounding rhythm patterns, a dark and rumbling bass and the devious vocals from Dread, all trademarks from when Swedish Death Metal ruled the world.

Read the rest of the review @ Voices From The Darkside

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