New Force in U.S. Death Metal Nexhymn Releases “Black Horizon”

Hailing from Colorado, NEXHYMN is a female-fronted death metal band born from the ashes of THROCULT in 2010. The name itself is derived from a combination of the Latin word Nex (defined as death, violent nature, and slaughter) and the word Hymn (a simple song of praise). Self-released by the band on March 27 of this year, debut EP “Black Horizon” is merciless, fierce, and reminiscent of the best elements of old and new death metal, taking the listener on a journey of ruthless brutality. Recorded at Firestorm studios and mixed and mastered at Flatline Audio, “Black Horizon” is delivered with unique brutal female death metal vocals, punishing guitar riffs and technical drumming. This implacable recording stops at nothing in its relentless pursuit of pure rapaciousness. NEXHYMN is currently entertaining offers from record labels for official release and/or distribution.,

1. Decaying Monument
2. Undetermined Supplication
3. Repacious Temptest
4. Black Horizon
5. Exquisite Plague
6. Death Emotion

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