DOLCINIAN “Poenitentiam Agite”

DOLCINIAN – Poenitentiam Agite (Ordo MCM 2011)

This 7″ EP is a proper re-release of the Italian Black Metal outfit DOLCINIAN’s so far only release “Penitenthiagite” from 2003 unleashed on Militia Templi Records on CD-R. We get the intro and the 2 first tracks after the intro, leaving the third track on the ’03 release ‘Hodie Benedicamus Domine’ out in the cold, though let’s guess there is a good reason for that. As many Italian Black Metal bands DOLCINIAN is heavily inspired by the Scandinavian scene in the mid nineties, this release particular makes me think of Sweden and fast, melodic and atmospheric bands like THRONE OF AHAZ, NAGLFAR and LORD BELIAL.

Read the rest of the review @ Voices From The Darkside


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